Fountain Pump

Must-Have Features to Consider When Choosing a Fountain Pump

Whether you are looking to replace your fountain pump or planning to install a new one, it is important to buy the right fountain pump to achieve the desired result. Fountain pumps are measured by flow rate and pressure requirements. A smaller pump for outdoor fountains typically measures flow in GPG (gallons per hour), on the other hand, larger pumps measure GPM (gallons per minute).

If you want to enhance the aesthetics of your outdoor oasis, build a water feature in your garden or background by installing premium quality fountain pumps from experienced pool stores. Pool stores in Dubai offer different types of pumps for outdoor fountains which allows you to add the calming sounds of trickling water.

Even though it is easy to buy a fountain pump when there are numerous options available in the market, there are some factors you need to consider to ensure what type of pump suits your needs.


A submersible fountain pump is the best solution for all types of water features including fountains and pond filters. It will help the water to keep a steady flow and you can adjust the flow rate to facilitate diverse effects. Submersible pumps are crucial for smaller fountains that do not want much water. Therefore, choosing the pump must be based on the size of your fountain and how often you use it. Also consider factors such as flow rate, horsepower, outlet diameter, and more.

Most recirculating fountains incorporate submersible fountain pumps to pull water into the reservoir and draw it out through vinyl tubes. The water then recirculates creating a splashing or arching effect on your fountain.

Flow Rate

Flow rate is one of the major elements that must be considered when buying a fountain pump from pool stores in Dubai. Understanding the pump’s flow rate and head height helps you make the right decision when choosing a pump for your water feature. Also, consider the discharge size which is also an important element of the pump. The size of the pump should sufficiently match the tubing that ensures a smooth run to your water feature.


While spending time in your backyard or outdoor garden for relaxation, the tranquil sound of the water calms your mind. Many things can create noise from your fountain, without a pump, the fountain becomes stagnant, or placing the pool wrong or installing a wrong product may create noisy sounds. Some fountain pumps become noisier due to the excess number of mineral deposits caught in the filter, therefore, regular cleaning services will help you keep your fountain quieter.


Considering the warranty of fountain pumps is crucial, pool stores in Dubai offer different pumps for outdoor or indoor fountains with extensive manufacturing warranties that ensure the satisfaction of customers. However, some pool stores in Dubai offer extended warranties of their own including coverage for product defects, ensuring customers that the product and services align with all quality standards. These coverages help you take advantage of the warranty rights at no cost. While the extended warranties may not offer any monetary value as the manufacturer, they assure you that the product will be seamlessly fixed when any malfunction is caused.

In conclusion, following these factors can help you buy an efficient fountain pump that ensures the smooth running of your indoor or outdoor fountain. However, before making your purchase, ensure that the chosen pool store has diverse products and excellent customer assistance to meet your requirements. Aquatic Pools & Fountains is a leading pool store in Dubai offering energy-efficient fountain pumps at the best prices, ensuring you a worthwhile investment in fountain pumps that will last for years.